Top Tips Events

Top Tips Events

Top Tips Events

Our Top Tips to consider when planning your event

Planning an event for your organisation can be daunting. You want to make a good impression, present your company well and, most importantly, give your attendees a fantastic experience.

Top Tips Events

However, before you start working on your event, our Event Manager has some helpful tips of important details you need to consider to ensure the planning process runs seamlessly.

1. What is the purpose of the event?

Be it an internal company party or a global sales conference, every event will have outcomes that need to be achieved. By identifying these at the beginning of the planning process you can ensure each part of the event is optimised to meet these objectives and show a ROI.

Top Tips Events

2. Establish the Budget

Establishing your budget early allows you to make realistic decisions on the direction your event should take. It saves time considering elements that aren’t financially viable and means you can concentrate on the options that best suit your event.

3. Set a Date

When choosing a date for your event, remember to consider;
* The time you have available to plan and deliver.
* What time of year best suits your event.
* Avoid school and public holidays to ensure a good attendance.
* Ensure your event doesn’t clash with another key industry event.

4. Understand your Audience

It is important to understand your target audience. By identifying the demographic of the event, you can make sure the event is tailored to engage them.

Top Tips Events

Know the number of people you are likely to have at your event, as this will have a major impact across the whole event.

5. Location, location, location…

Choosing the right location for your event is essential to maximise attendance. Remember to think about:
* Delegate travel time.
* Does it work with the message you’re trying to deliver?
* Are there venues suitable for your event in this location?

Top Tips Events

As an experienced events agency we are here to assist, so please get in touch if you would like any help planning your next unforgettable event!

For information on how we can assist with your event call Catherine Hills 01932 589020 or email

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