Sustainable Events

Sustainable Events

Sustainable Events

Sustainability is such an important topic in 2020, not only in events but across all industries and quite rightly so!

As a company we have been working on becoming more sustainable in our office and in the events we organise. There are some simple considerations we can take when planning events that will contribute to becoming more sustainable. Here we have collated some ideas to help make your events greener.


By choosing a location that is easily accessible by public transport and is not too far from where attendees will travel from, not only helps reduce CO2 emissions, but also means you will get a better attendance.Sustainable Events


Where possible look to use local produce as this is not only more sustainable, but gives your attendees a real connection and understanding of the destination. Use recyclable dishes and serving utensils and remember to confirm exact guest numbers prior to your event to reduce food wastage.Sustainable Events


Eliminate plastic bottles and cups – instead provide water dispensers with paper cups. Or why not offer reusable water bottles as a giveaway?Sustainable Events


Where possible use reusable branding, recycled materials as well as trying to use digital branding over print.Sustainable Events


Look for a LEED and/or BREEAM accredited venue as these venues have considered their environmental impact through their building’s sustainable practices.Sustainable Events

Following these tips not only means your event will be more sustainable, but can also mean being more cost effective too – so a win-win in our eyes! For help planning your next sustainable event please email

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