Sustainable Development Policy – Our Vision



The Travel professionals aims to work with responsible travel providers to deliver authentic holiday and travel experiences, which cause minimal impact on our environment, respects the culture and the people of the destination and also contributes to the local economy to benefit the local people.

We will encourage our leisure customers to choose greener holiday options and advise how they can contribute in a positive way, as well as how they can minimise the negative impact of their travel on the local environment by:

• Eating in local restaurants
• Booking local tour guides
• Buying locally made souvenirs
• Engaging with the local people
• Not buying products made using endangered animals
• Conserving water

The Travel Professionals are members of ABTA and have committed to Sustainability within Tourism which is about creating Better Places to live and visit. To do this tourism should:

• Minimise its impact on the environment
• Ensure that local communities benefit from tourism
• Ensure local economies are enhanced through tourism
• Respect local culture and traditions

In The Office

As a business we commit to implementing sustainable practices including use of Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance & FSC products in the workplace. We re-cycle our waste and we have implemented a ‘green’ purchasing policy.


We limit ordering of brochure stock and ensure recycling of old brochure stock. We email all invoices & statements to our business clients. We operate a ‘Switch Off’ policy.

The Travel Professionals are committed to best practise in terms of staff development & training. We encourage our staff to take an active role in issues about sustainability and sustainable tourism training has been incorporated into the companies training policy. Staff members are encouraged to submit their ideas on sustainability to the management team. Click here for more information about sustainable tourism from the Travel Foundation

The Travel Foundation

We can calculate the carbon footprint for our clients, or you can use this handy Flight Carbon Footprint Calculator: