My Ship Fantasy

My Ship Fantasy.

A story of me on The Brilliance of the Seas. Message from the author: This is a true diary of myself!!!

Day 1 We are almost airborne and I can see all the clouds, we’re flying to Muscat and getting on a ship… I am really excited 🙂 !!! We’re flying for SIX HOURS AND A HALF but when we get there it will all be worth it. Winter in the sun… quite weird, but I’ll have fun. 4000 MILES LEFT UNTIL I CAN GO LATE NIGHT SWIMMING ON A SHIP!!! Turns out that I’m not going late night swimming, I was too tired “SNORE”!

My Ship Fantasy

My Ship Fantasy

My Ship Fantasy





Day 2 Today is going to be a new day = swimming, going down an AWSOME WATER SLIDE, eating WHATEVER I want from the WINDJAMMER and having FUN… catch ya later 🙂 !!! Having dinner in the main dining room = FANCY!!! BUT, it’s with a bunch of people I don’t know! Going to see the Beatles Celebration show!!!

Day 3 Just woke up, had a shower, got dressed and ate breakfast. Right now I’m sunbathing and listening to some live tropical music… CONGA 😉 !!! BTW I’m not actually doing a conga! It’s FLAMIN’ HOT and I REALLY want to go back to the cabin, but mum says she can’t loose her sunbathing spot :(. I was just in the jacuzzi for an hour and now I’ve cooled down, I’m sitting in the sun waiting for mum to say it’s time to get dressed and then go and eat!

We’re in the main dining room AGAIN, remember when I said “having dinner in the main dining room = FANCY” but it’s with a bunch of people I don’t even know, well today there are even more complete strangers!!! We’re now in the Colony Club and I’m drinking Sprite with the strangers, these strangers aren’t seeming like ‘strangers’ anymore.

Day 4 I haven’t been keeping up with this diary, I think I’ll just skip to what I’m doing now… I’m in the dining room with my friends, I mean the ones I used to call strangers. I’m now at the Colony Club drinking absolutely NOTHING when I should be, I mean, what’s the point in going to a club when you’re not going to drink 😉 ?!?

My Ship Fantasy

My Ship FantasyMy Ship Fantasy





Day 5 Mum keeps asking me if I want to go to Adventure Ocean, but we had a great day all together! We went in the pool and then the jacuzzi. Back in the cabin now and it’s going to take mum an HOUR to decide what tour we’re going on 🙁 !!! We’re in the dining room having dinner with our friends now!

Day 6  I’m going to skip ahead and say what I’m doing now. I’m sitting by the pool drinking mango juice. By the way, earlier we went into Dubai and did some shopping. Just had a frozen yoghurt, one of my five-a-day, and now sitting by the pool!! We just had a fire drill on the ship and a lecture about what to do and how to put on your lifejacket!!! Going to the Champagne Bar now, see ya later!!!

Day 7 I’m at the pool and it’s BLAZIN” HOT!!! I want outdoor air conditioning!!! Going to the Adventure Ocean Arcade. I’ve been at the pool literally ALL DAY!!

 Day 8 I’ve eaten and I’m hanging out at the pool all day and then I’m going on a tour around Muscat and getting souvenirs and… DINNER!!! Ahhh… having a great time and I’m wearing my new souvenier and it’s a Dishdasha and a hat and scarf which I’m gonna wear at the pool deck party tonight!

My Ship Fantasy

My Ship Fantasy

My Ship Fantasy





Day 9 Well it’s the last day on the ship and it’s been fun, I’m on the plane now and it’s jast over HALF PAST MIDNIGHT!!! I think i will sn… sn… SNORE ZZzzzzzzzz

 My Ship Fantasy diary by Niko aged 8 years on board The Brilliance of the Seas.

Niko’s cruise was Royal Carribbean International Winter Sun from Dubai for 8 nights – for more information call us on 01932 866565 or email or for more Cruise Holidays check out our website!

My Ship Fantasy

We had this amazing mint lemon drink at Kargeen Cafe in Muscat Oman, on very hot days nothing will quench your thirst better! Mum found this recipe online:

3/4 cups lemon juice or juice from 8 lemons
3/4 cups granulated sugar
1 1/2 teaspoon orange blossom water
1/4 cups fresh mint, finely chopped
8 cups of cold water
crushed ice


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  1. Mrs Di Biase & 4DB says:

    What a brilliant diary – very funny, we all enjoyed it! Sounds like a great holiday.

    Love the frozen yoghurt picture! 🙂

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