Make Holidays Greener

Make Holidays Greener

Make Holidays Greener is it possible? We all enjoy holidays abroad, but does making holidays greener mean that we have to stay in the UK? The good news is that it is still possible to make holidays greener and travel overseas and there are ways that we can minimise the impact of that travel on the environment, by the choices we make.

Obviously staying at home is one way to reduce your impact on the environment and there are plenty of places where you can holiday at home from Scotland to the Lakes, and from the Norfolk Broads to the English Riviera – see our blog Cornwall Staycation Vacation But if it is the guarantee of some summer sun, then here are some ways you can make your holiday greener:

Travel by rail – there is always an alternative to air travel so rather than fly, why not consider the benefits of going by train? Rail travel accounts for about a third of the CO2 emissions of the equivalent short haul flight so, with the improvements to the Eurostar service from London, you can make the journey part of your travel adventure. Consider France by Rail or travel to the ski resorts in Europe by rail.

Travel by air – if you are travelling by air then maybe consider Carbon Offsetting, where you can offset the carbon emissions your trip generates by paying for projects that reduce emissions elsewhere.

Energy saving – on holiday you can adopt good energy and water saving habits by ensuring that you switch off lighting and air conditioning when you are not in your room and by not wasting water. Re-use towels and sheets and don’t dawdle in the shower and don’t leave the tap running when brushing your teeth!

Support Local People – You can make a contribution to the place you are visiting by supporting the local community. Buy local products and eat in local restaurants. Use a local tour guide. Support local projects & attractions that protect wildlife and conservation projects.

Eat Local

Souvenirs – when you’re shopping for gifts to take home check they have not been made with endangered plants or animals, for example endangered plants may include mahogany and endangered animals products may include elephant ivory or coral. See list of items to avoid:

Elephant ivory – Africa & Asia

Traditional medicine – China

Sea turtle shells – Caribbean

Products from big Cats – Africa

Shahtoosh – shawl made from woven Tibetan antelope

Bushmeat – harmful to endangered species

For more information on items that you may need an import permit for check the link

The Travel Professionals are supporting the Make Holidays Greener Campaign in July to help raise awareness about greener holidays. For more information go to Make Holidays Greener and see what you can do! Or check out the Foreign office on advice for being a responsible tourist!

Make Holidays Greener

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  1. We should support the local community and plus, buy local produce to support the people that live there! 🙂

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